High Voltage Duct Installation
I-8 Freeway, three miles west of Alpine,
California, San Diego County
Description of Work: Ayala Boring installed a series of
high voltage ducts for a San Diego power authority. As a
tie-in source to a power plant, the work is being carried out
under the I-8 Freeway, three miles west of Alpine with
completion in July, 2011

The scope of the work includes: tunnel and jack 220' of
66" diameter Hobas centrifugally cast fiberglass
reinforced polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe under the I-8
freeway; tunnel and jack 230' x 66" diameter Hobas pipe
under the I- 8 freeway; tunnel and jack 55' x 66" diameter
Hobas pipe under a bridge in Alpine; tunnel and jack a
2nd 55' x 66" diameter Hobas pipe under the same bridge
in Alpine.

The purpose of work is to encase a multiple high voltage
duct bank coming from Yuma, Arizona to San Diego.

Ayala Boring's subcontract for the tunneling portion is
66" diameter pipe atop the jacking pit and ready for
installation on Ayala Boring's $1,050,090 contract.
The multiple high voltage duct bank
is inserted into the pipe casing.
MSWD Water and Sewer Extention
Mission Springs Water District

Desert Hot Springs, California, approximately
1/4 mile east of Indian Avenue at I-10 Fwy.
Description of Work: Bored 2 each 300' x 30" diameter
steel casings under the I-10 Fwy. Installed a 12" ductile
iron pipeline in one location for sewer and a 16" ductile
iron pipeline in the other location for water.
40-ton all terrain crane claming out spoil from
bore pit. I-10 Fwy. in background.
Remove & Replace Damaged
Sewer Line on Alameda Corridor
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

Washington Bl. and Grande Vista, Vernon, Ca
Description of Work: Hand mine 42-inch casing sleeve
while removing 66 feet of existing 12-inch VCP sewer pipe
to be replaced which was damaged while installing
tiebacks for the bridge widening. 42-inch casing could not
be installed using auguring method due to space
limitations for a bore pit.
Passing freight train illustrates proximity to
live rail line where bore pit was installed.
Special requirements included a 40-hour
Hazwhopper Training, full body personal
protective equipment, certified industrial
hygienist on-site full-time monitoring
hazardous conditions.
Worker removes collapsed sewer line by hand
under contract to Beador Construction Company
and the Alameda Corridor Transportation
72" Diameter Bore Beneath Hollywood Freeway
City of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Ayala Boring's 20-foot deep boring and
jacking pit where a Hollywood Freeway on
ramp can be seen in the distance.
40-foot auger segments are used to attain the
414-foot shaft length. Ayala manufactures their
own augers at their Fontana, California facility.

Looking into pipe. Rigid duct line at the top of
RCP is providing ventilation for personnel.
Inside the pipe near the head of the tunnel,
conveyor is loading spoil into Dirt Buggy Train.

Stone Hollywood Unit III 72-Inch Bored Casing for LA. DWP

Description of Work: Total of 1,200 feet of 72-inch casing
bored under busy intersections in various locations.

Lowering a 20-foot section of 72-inch
casing with a 65-ton P&H All Terrain
Crane. Tanks behind pipe are part of
elaborate dewatering system
designed to treat and remove
contaminated groundwater.

Looking down into 25-foot deep bore pit
with beam and plate shoring.

Another view of the bore pit.
Hose and valve are part of the
dewatering system.

Excavating contaminated soil
from the bore pit into containers
for removal to special dumpsite.

Beaumont to Cabazon 2nd Mainline Construction Yuma